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Sherrill Reams

Sherrill came to Obion County in 1968 to "help out" sub driving school buses. Her husband and she farmed for a living. She started driving full time in 1970 and continued to drive until the end of the school year in 2021. She had driven her children and then decided to stay on to drive her grandchildren.

Her driving career didn't end there. She then continued to drive and haul her great grandchildren. Sherrill was always a true professional in caring for her daily duties driving the school bus. She handled all issues on her bus and rarely if ever had to ask for outside assistance. The children loved and respected her and she in turn developed a great rapport with them, keeping everything running smooth.

Sherrill rarely missed work, as she knew the importance and safety involved in driving a bus route and keeping a steady and consistent routine. "They don't make em like Miss Sherrill anymore." She was always the most positive, easy-going person to work with. By her ethic and example, she truly is a Hall of Fame Bus Driver.

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