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National School Transportation-Specifications and Procedures-“Addendum to the 2015 Edition”


As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic the 17th National Congress on School Transportation has been postponed until May 3-7, 2025.

HOWEVER, by the time the 17th NCST Steering Committee made the decision to postpone the 17th National Congress on School Transportation the NCST Writing Committees had completed their review, analysis, and final recommendations on all proposed changes to the 17th National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures (NSTSP) publication.

At the request of a writing committee chair, the NCST Steering Committee directed the Editing Committee to update ten NSTSP sections. These updates are only (EDITORIAL in nature) legal references, grammatic, spelling, etc. In other words, only non-debatable proposals were reviewed, edited and updated. Below are the titles of the ten updated sections that have been reviewed and approved by the 17th NCST Steering Committee.  Each of the documents are in PDF format.


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