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Roy Dye Sr., 81, was six years old the first time he ever stepped up onto Rutherford County bus No. 30. Seventy-five years later, much has changed. Nowadays, Dye drives the same route and the same bus number he rode as a student.


Dye has been driving a bus in the county for 59 years and this coming fall will mark 60 years — the longest stint of any driver in the history of Rutherford County Schools. “Well, I haven’t had no problems,” said Dye, “so if you don’t have a problem, you better stick with something.” He stuck with it all right.


Dye is the first driver from Rutherford County to ever be inducted into the hall of fame and the first independent contractor in the state’s history to be inducted.


 “He’s very humble about it and very appreciative of the honor,” his wife Margaret Williams said, “I can say that he’s —”


 “I am very thankful,” Dye interrupted. “Very thankful they would even consider an old man like me,” he then joked, before continuing, “Well, I have thoroughly, thoroughly, enjoyed it and we have a good administration that really cared about us and show us they care.”


Just do not ask how much longer he intends to continue.


His words. “Maybe I’ll get my route run this evening,” Dye deadpanned before later adding, “ ’Til the good Lord calls me home brother. ’Til the good Lord calls me home. … When you’re 81 years old and still pass the physical and enjoy what you’re doing, you better keep on doing it.”

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