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Mr. Doyle Bartley Tennessee School Bus Driver Hall of Fame

Mr. Doyle Bartley started driving a school bus for the Macon County School System on August 9th, 1974. Since he started, Mr. Doyle has transported three generations of students to school and home for 45 years. Mr. Doyle has also been gracious enough to drive athletic trips and field trips on occasions when needed. The Macon County School System has also been fortunate enough to have Mr. Doyle drive our Vocational Bus twice daily. Doyle Bartley's work ethic and job performance makes our school system wish we had more like Mr. Doyle. He is a bus driver we can count on and he always makes time for his students. Mr. Doyle just does not have many discipline problems on his bus. He might if he has a new student that moves in but the new student learns rather quickly what the other students already know which is, Respect Doyle and he will respect you! I have also heard on numerous occasions other drivers say, ''That's how Doyle does it!" He is a bus driver other driver strive to be like, which is a quality we wish every employee would try to emulate. Doyle Bartley is well respected by students, parents, school faculty, peers and just about anybody who knows him.

A lot of his good discipline record stems from the fact that Doyle has transported three generations of students. The parents of children he transports today knows what Doyle expects from his students. Mr. Doyle also takes good care of his bus and brings it in for routine maintenance and inspections and he never complains about having to drive a sub bus on these occasions.

When he is not driving, Doyle farms and trades on equipment or anything else you might need. He also has a great love for his family as he has been married to his wife Janet for 50 years. Mr. Doyle likes to say he has transported his two children, three grandchildren and, if the good Lord's willing, his three great grandchildren starting next year. Doyle also jokes and says he is like that commercial "He knows a thing or two because he has saw a thing or two". We like to joke a lot at times but when it comes to driving his bus, nobody takes it more seriously than Mr. Doyle professionally or personally.  He is an example of what a bus driver should be. Macon County is proud to have him as an employee.

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