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The Tennessee Association of Pupil Transportation (TAPT) is a 501-C3 Non-Profit School Service Organization and is not a part of the Tennessee Government Departments of Safety and Homeland Security, the Tennessee Department of Education or any other Department of Tennessee State Government.

TAPT has no legal authority concerning laws-rules-regulations of the State of Tennessee. Employees and/or officials of the  above Departments of Tennessee Government are not responsible for any content published on this web site or any actions of the TAPT Executive Director or the TAPT Board of Directors.

The Mission of the Tennessee Association of Pupil Transportation (TAPT) is to provide information and research help to the TAPT Membership, the Tennessee Pupil Transportation Managers, the Tennessee School Bus Drivers, the School Bus Maintenance Technicians and Local School Administration.

The Tennessee Association of Pupil Transportation (TAPT) is solely responsible for the Management and Maintenance of the TAPT WEB SITE.

Questions, Issues and Requests concerning Tennessee laws-rules-regulations development and enforcement are directed to the appropriate Tennessee State Department Officials.

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