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Ms Bobbie Jean Dennis is a native of Jackson County.  She was born in March of 1939 and attended Jackson County schools as she grew up.  She married Bobby Dale Dennis in August of 1956 at the age of 17.  They have three children, Debbie, Denise, and Dale.  She is also the grandmother to three and the great-grandmother to two.


Her husband became a bus driver for Jackson County Schools a couple years before Ms. Bobbie Jean.  He drove for one of the local bus contractors until they bought some buses and became a contract driver for the Jackson County Schools.  As the last child entered school in 1971, Ms. Bobbie Jean became a bus driver for the family and Jackson County Schools. They have owned as many as 5 buses at one time and both drove a bus route (back when they were double routes).  Mr Bobby was always on Bus # 21 and Mrs Bobbie Jean was always on Bus # 3.  


We always tease Ms Bobbie Jean about being a bus driver so long that she drove before "The Flood".  She literally drove during the flood of March 1975, when one of their buses, contract driver, and a bus load of students were nearly overturned and washed away by the flood waters.  It was front page news for March 13, 1975.  So yes, Ms Bobbie Jean did drive a bus before "The Flood".  I am sure she could write volumes about her experiences over the past 47 years on a school bus.


Mr. Bobby Dale Dennis passed away ten years ago and when their buses went out of service, instead of buying new buses and trying to maintain the fleet on her own, Ms Bobbie Jean became a Jackson County employee and continues the same route on a new Bus # 3.

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