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TN Department of Safety Changes Submission Process for DOT Physicals

Effective May 16, 2022, the process for drivers and/or districts to submit their DOT Physicals for CDL drivers will be changing. Primary changes to the DOT Physical submission process include:

  • DOT Physicals must now be uploaded directly into the Tennessee Department of Safety’s DOT Physical Portal. Email and fax submissions will no longer be accepted after May 15, 2022. A link to the portal can be found HERE.

  • DOT Physicals must now be uploaded in the DOT Physical Portal 15 calendar days (about 2 weeks) prior to the driver’s expiration date. 

  • The DOT Physical email address, DI.CDL.Medcert@tn.gov, will become inactive beginning May 16, 2022.

Please take notice of these changes to help avoid your driver’s licenses being downgraded or canceled.

Questions regarding this updated process can be directed to the Tennessee Department of Safety’s CDL Division at 615-687-2312.


Preliminary Data Results from the
2022 Tennessee
School Bus Driver Shortage Survey

Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security
Certificate of Eligibility – School Bus (S) Endorsement (Form 2C)


This document is to be used to satisfy the requirements of Tenn. Code Annotated (T.C.A.) §§ 55‐50‐302(d) and 55‐50‐302(e) regarding certification and recommendation by appropriate officials of an individual applying for a school bus (S) endorsement.  The individual certifying eligibility is to provide the name of the individual and complete and sign either the Public-School section or Private School section as applicable.

Tennessee School Bus Data and Inspection

Request for Extended Utilization-Administration

PAAMS Account Management System

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